This is a guide for CA users who might not have direct access to the hardware on which their database is set up. If you work with a large collection or your organization’s structure doesn’t allow you direct access to your server, these are some tips for the types of problems that can occur and how to guide IT to fixing the problem more quickly.

Problem #1:

“An error in your system configuration has been detected.”

The server hosting back up versions of your database and media could be full. Move your database to a larger server.

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 12.09.15 PM

Problem #2:

“Your media import folder is not visible.”

The server can’t see your import folder, because the permissions on one of the folders containing the import folder have changed or the path has been broken. Either repair the path linking your import folder or make sure your permissions allow reading and writing to all folders above your media import folder.

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Problem #3:

“CA won’t load.”

If things aren’t starting then it’s a problem with the server that has to be diagnosed and resolved. Occasionally, server software updates can prevent Collective Access from starting automatically. Install your updates and restart the server to resolve the issue.