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Providence: Searching for all records created by a specific cataloger

A handy tool for project managers who wish to review catalog records created by students or new hires. Also useful for catalogers who wish to edit or review the records they have created recently.

Before beginning your search, be sure you know the cataloger’s user name as defined by CA. This information can be found in the “Manage” menu, under “Access Control.” Once you know the exact user name, you can either use the search box at the top right of your screen or the “Basic Search” function to conduct your search. Enter this string into your search box: created.[user]:”[date range]” . To search for all records created by a cataloger whose user name is “suzanne,” the string would read: created.suzanne:”2012-2015″ . You must include a valid date range, however broad, or else this search won’t work correctly. “Created” can be swapped out for “modified” for different results.

More detailed instructions can be found here: http://docs.collectiveaccess.org/wiki/Search_Syntax


  1. Wendy


    This is great! Thank you. One thing, though, I just tried this and found that I couldn’t do it using the top right search field, I had to go into Find: Objects and enter the string from there.

    • Jonathan

      Hi Wendy,

      Thanks for the comment. I had to do use the same procedure as you did to make it work.

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