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User-generated tips, tools, and shared strategies for using CollectiveAccess


This site is meant to serve as a supplemental resource for users of the CollectiveAccess cataloging software platform; it is designed to be a place for archivists, project managers, and developers to share knowledge gained while working with the software. It was first dreamed up by a community of CollectiveAccess users in June 2015 in NYC. In January 2016, La MaMa Archives received funding from a Council on Library and Information Resources Hidden Collections MicroGrant to support a partnership with three other organizations that use CollectiveAccess — Northeast Historic Film, Appalshop, and Dance Heritage Coalition. The objective of that project was to foster collaboration among users of the CollectiveAccess platform. This website was one outcome of our CLIR-funded collaboration.

Information on this website is drawn from the collective wisdom of the CollectiveAccess user community, and is meant to contribute to users’ ability to better deploy the software to make their collections accessible. As such, it is designed to address users with various levels of comfort with tech and computer programming. We welcome contributions from archivists with limited or no coding skills as well as from experienced coders– and everyone in between. ❤

Please join us!  You can participate in several ways.

1)Sign up to be part of the new CollectiveAccess users GoogleGroup. All are welcome, regardless of level of expertise or experience. Ask questions, solicit advice, propose collaborations.

2)Submit a topic that you would like documentation about. What do you wish you knew how to do with CollectiveAccess? Send your questions to us by way of the GoogleGroup.

3)Submit documentation that you have written. Do you know how to modify CollectiveAccess’s config files for a specific purpose? Do you have a good workflow document that you’ve written for catalogers at your institution? Have you written a good how-to that you would be willing to share? Send it to rachel [at] lamama [dot] org, and we will post it to this website.

4)Participate in the CollectiveAccess community on Github. Follow the development of the software, submit issues and pull requests, contribute to the wiki.

Send questions to rachel [at] lamama [dot] org.

The CollectiveAccess Community website is powered by WordPress. Project management and editorial work by Rachel Mattson. Initial contributors include: Liza Harrell-Edge, Jonathan Farbowitz, Sarah Gentile, Robin Camille Davis, and Suzanne Lipkin. This site was designed and customized by Karen Li-Lun Hwang based on Anders Norén’s Rowling theme.

CollectiveAccess Community Members


A historian, writer, and archivist from Brooklyn NY. Using CollectiveAccess as Manager of Special Projects in the Archives of La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club. Affiliations include XFR Collective, Librarians and Archivists with Palestine, and the Association of Moving Image Archivists' Independent Media Committee.