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Pawtucket: How to Install an Open Source Analytics Tool

The day that we, at La MaMa’s Archives, launched our digital collections site, I had one sharp regret: I hadn’t finished installing an analytics feature into the site before we went live. I was working on it, it was something I knew I should do – but in the mad rush of all the other […]

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Announcing collectiveaccesscommunity.org

We are excited to announce the launch of collectiveaccesscommunity.org, a new resource for users of CollectiveAccess. Information on this website is drawn from the collective wisdom of the CollectiveAccess user community, and is meant to to foster collaboration and contribute to users’ ability to better deploy the software to make their collections accessible. The site […]

quick tips

Providence: Sorting Entities by Last Name

By default, Providence displays lists of entities by first name. But there are times when you need to see a list of entities sorted by last name. To do this, you need to create a new “display” and then filter a later search using that display.   First, you’ll need to create a customized “display” […]

quick tips

Providence: Exporting + downloading specific datasets in spreadsheet format

There’s a comprehensive guide to exporting data on the CollectiveAccess wiki, here. But here’s the quick and dirty version: Let’s say you want to export data about a set of Objects. Create a set out of the pertinent objects. Go to the Find” menu, and click on Objects. In the left sidebar, under “search by set,” […]