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Pawtucket: How to Install an Open Source Analytics Tool

The day that we, at La MaMa’s Archives, launched our digital collections site, I had one sharp regret: I hadn’t finished installing an analytics feature into the site before we went live. I was working on it, it was something I knew I should do – but in the mad rush of all the other […]

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Batch Editing in CollectiveAccess

Reasons to Use Batch Edit Use batch edit if you need to change, add, or remove the same piece of metadata on a large number of records. For instance, at one point during La MaMa’s 2015 cataloging push, the built-in LCSH and naming authorities lookup function in our CA back-end broke. Once we got it […]

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Providence: Sorting Entities by Last Name

By default, Providence displays lists of entities by first name. But there are times when you need to see a list of entities sorted by last name. To do this, you need to create a new “display” and then filter a later search using that display.   First, you’ll need to create a customized “display” […]

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Providence: Searching for all records created by a specific cataloger

A handy tool for project managers who wish to review catalog records created by students or new hires. Also useful for catalogers who wish to edit or review the records they have created recently. Before beginning your search, be sure you know the cataloger’s user name as defined by CA. This information can be found […]

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Providence: Exporting + downloading specific datasets in spreadsheet format

There’s a comprehensive guide to exporting data on the CollectiveAccess wiki, here. But here’s the quick and dirty version: Let’s say you want to export data about a set of Objects. Create a set out of the pertinent objects. Go to the Find” menu, and click on Objects. In the left sidebar, under “search by set,” […]

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Providence: A Few Error Messages

This is a guide for CA users who might not have direct access to the hardware on which their database is set up. If you work with a large collection or your organization’s structure doesn’t allow you direct access to your server, these are some tips for the types of problems that can occur and […]

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Cataloging Tips: Object Records

Here, two catalogers from La MaMa Archives present some observations about creating object records in our Collective Access instance.  This is not meant to be an exhaustive treatment of cataloging in CA, just some notes drawn from two catalogers’ experiences. TIPS Changing Record Types The FAQ section of the official Collective Access documentation wiki contains an unanswered question under Managing Metadata: Can […]

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How to make sure your PDFs are Searchable

CollectiveAccess is finicky! In order to make sure your PDFs are searchable, you need to pay attention to a few things. 1)What version of CollectiveAccess are you using? PDFs are only searchable if you are using Providence 1.4 or (or later versions) and Pawtucket 2 (or later versions). 2)What software did you use to create your PDF?  […]